Magikarp #129 Sand Colored GLASS Vintage Pokemon MARBLE


Magikarp #129 Sand Colored GLASS Vintage Pokemon MARBLE

Vintage POKEMON MARBLE Magikarp #129 Sand Colored GLASS MARBLE

  • This marble is listed as near/mint. Marbles are great collectibles! All of these are in great condition, though the simple fact of being glass marbles kept in a pouch with other glass marbles means the pictures on some may be a bit chipped or scratched
  • All of my marbles were new 20 yrs ago and stored in a pouch. Colors may be a little different than shown. Glass is hard to photograph.
  • Type: Pokemon Glass marble
  • Brand: Pokemon
  • Marbles are shipped in a bubble mailer, first class, and includes tracking and delivery confirmation.
  • Many people think that more perfect-looking marbles are worth more. This is not necessarily the case. While no one wants an older marble that has been destroyed, no one wants a older marble that looks perfect either.

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