Dialga G 7/127 Reverse Holo Pokemon League Promo


Pokemon League Promo Dialga G 7/127 Reverse Holo

  • This Card is listed as mint. This Pokemon Card is a Crosshatch Holo Pokémon League Cyrus Season (November 2009).
  • Dialga plays a major role in the schemes of Team Galactic in the Pokémon games. Though Cyrus himself never actually uses it to battle, he manages to summon it in Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Platinum.
  • Type: Pokemon League Promo
  • Brand: Pokemon
  • Series: Platinum expansion
  • All are shipped in a bubble mailer, first class, and includes tracking and delivery confirmation.
  • Feel free to message me with any questions – concerns! All my cards are 100% Authentic
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